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Zena von der Am haus x Draco Rutilus vom Steppenwolf Bach,DOB 4/1/2014:



Ruger (Formerly Harley):  Hi. I just wanted to send you a picture of Ruger (harley). He is an amazing dog and we just love him. Thank you again for such an amazing pup! He's now 6 months old and he weighs 68 lbs! He's a big boy! Thanks again, Trandi
Hi Linda.  Things are going great.  Ruger is doing great.  I think he finally quit growing lol  HE has a vet appointment this week so we will get to see what he weights.  I'm pretty sure he's pushing 110 or bigger.
Deke is such a blessings! He is a very important family member! We had our son a little less than two months ago and Deke has taken the transition well, he loves his baby so much! He is a constant protecter of his little family! Hope all is well! Love the Grays !

Ratina vom Godinghofer Weg X Brando vom Ratsberg,DOB 8/3/2014

Zuko is doing very well. He has been a joy to have and a wonderful addition to our family. He learns very quickly while we train and teach him new things. He has also been socializing with ease. We receive complements frequently from family, and while Zuko is in public, about how well-behaved he is. You may be glad to hear, when making trips to the vet for routine checkups we have been told several times Zuko is one of the best overall German Shepherds they have seen. It's hard to believe we have had him only a little more than two months because he is already a big part of our family. Even the cat doesn't mind him being around too much.  Mike and Whitney
Zuko - one year     
Ki Ki
Ki Ki (formerly Sierra)She is the most incredible thing ever. She slept on heathers lap the whole way home and has been an absolute treasure since we walked in the door. Her intellect, instinct, and heart are more than we imagined. Thanks so much for the pics. She's has already taken at least 200 and we will be sending you plenty and will definitely come back to visit. Thank you. Thank you so much.   Talk soon.  Ryan & Heather
Ki Ki - one year
Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to update you on Ace. The last picture where he is sitting up is the latest! He is doing wonderful and he is such a great addition to our family, we love him so much! Today was our first day at puppy school and although we already know how to sit, stay, shake and lay down on command. I'll be sure to send you more pictures as my little Ace grows :)
                              Ace - 8 mos.                                                                                                 Ace - one year
 "Hi Linda!  Riddick is doing great! He has a follow-up/vaccine appointment on the 17th at 1045. We will be scheduling private puppy lessons shortly. As promised I will take pictures and forward to you.  I apologize for the time lapse... my spirit is sadden as the realization that my husband is gone is starting to set in. I am thankful to have Noah and Riddick in my life - they help ease the sadness.  I'll forward pictures soon. "
Riddick - 5 months
Riddick - one year
Emma (formerly Heidi):  "My German Shepherd that passed away in August was named Heidi so I felt it best to rename the newest member of the family. Emma has been doing well and growing like a weed. Her Vet is very pleased with both her health and growth. I've attached some photos I took of her when she first arrived and a couple of her taken today."
Emma - one year

Zena von der Amhaus X Brando vom Ratsberg, DOB 11-13-2014

Princess Mara
Mara sleeping with her BFF Josie
Mara 5 months and already 50 lbs!!:)
Mara 5 months and already 50 lbs.
Zelda Belle
Zelda Belle
Zelda is so sweet and very loving towards the kids. We have broken her of play biting hands. She knows only toys or sticks for chewing and rope for tug of war. She is so alert and intelligent too.. and is very courageous. If she hears an unfamiliar noise or a knock at the door she runs towards it without hesitation. I can totally see a protective nature in her. I am so happy I bought this dog.

She is being trained in Autism and over stimulus. To aid in auditory processing, alert to priority of stimulus. 

She is also a bit of a natural peacemaker like her mommy Zena. She is quick to intervene in any heated scuffle among kids and doesn't like it when anyone is cross with my wife.
8 months and already 80 lbs.!
Liberty enjoys watching K-9 Cops
6 months and 60 lbs!!!
Liberty enjoying her new bed
River listening to the bedtime story.
River cuddling with Teddy the cat
I'm just taking a moment to brag on my girl. She is super smart. We have a trainer that comes to our house weekly. River learns every trick in about 10 mins!! She knows all the obedience commands and can play "hide and seek" with the kids. They can tell her to "stay" and they can hide anywhere in the house. I "release" her and she can find them. Even under blankets and behind curtains. This could be very helpful one day if my kids ever get lost on a hike or something. She is working on several cute tricks like covering her eyes. But she stubbornly refuses to play fetch! We are working on it though.
Resting after a fun summer day!
Indiana Jones

Calypso von Owen x Brando vom Ratsberg, DOB9/11/2015

Karma - 5 months
Karma has taken life to a new level with some serious training focus. Her trainer raves about what a special dog she is. He literally said he has worked with 30,000 dogs in his career and breeds Czech GSDs and she is clearly in his top 10 ever. He says she's level headed but very driven with her quality bloodline shining through in every way.
Today we went to our first group class. Everyone commented on her beauty. She made us proud being out of her focused training only a week. She doing great with her extended down stays and since she's now learning in German I guess we should note she bilingual LOL!
Karma-1 Year Old

 Karma - 16 months

Aced the CGC.  Next step community test at Memorial City Mall.  One thing I know about Karma is, if there is a task, she can do it.  It's a requirement to get into PLD's therapy dog program.

Champ - 5 months 

He is handsome and too smart. He can open every door in the house we had to change the door hands on the outside doors . . . Also he just learned how to open his play pen oh dear. Yep too smart :)

Hans-1 Year Old
Katerina                                                                                                                          Piper & Katerina's 1st B-day
5 months
Tessa -5 months

Ratina vom Godinghofer Weg x Quantum Pacco van de Ybajo Hoeve, DOB 8/19/2015

8 months
  Ren - One year
Ren - 17 months
He did fine last night.  Our two little Papillons are going t have to get used to having a new BIG little brother.  
Gunner - 4 months
Gunner - 5 months
  Gunner - One year
We are so in love already :)
Linda- I cannot express how much we love Remi!! She's so fun, and smart- she's already house trained and ask to go out! She eats like a horse too and goes into her kennel at night by herself :). 
Blaze                                                                                                                           Blaze - left
Blaze (left) - One year
Nina von der Lars-Aue x Brando vom Ratsberg, DOB 11/16/2015
Axel will be receiving training as a service dog in autism.
  Axel - 5 months
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