Holly's Puppies

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Date of Birth:   April 28, 2017

Price:   $2000

One female puppy (Betsy) still available

Oman and Holly are now the proud parents of 2 boys and a girl.  These are some top quality puppies.  Both parents are German imports with "a" stamp hips, normal elbows, and are DM-clear.  These puppies will have deep red and black pigment like their parents and will be suitable for  pets, show, service dogs, protection, agility, or any sport for which you want to train them.  Our puppies are very well socialized and come with a health guarantee.   We do temperament testing on our puppies at 7 weeks old to help you pick out the puppy that is best suited for you.  Our puppies are allowed to go to their new owners at 8 weeks of age complete with vaccinations and health guarantee.   We allow the new owners to pick out their puppy in the order in which we receive their deposits.   One female puppy (Betsy) is still available.
Nap Time - All tuckered out!
Nap Time - All tuckered out!


Left to right:  Betsy, Gunner, Sarge

Puppy Play Time - 4 Weeks

Front to back:  Gunner, Sarge, Betsy
Left to right:  Gunner, Sarge, Betsy
Left to right:  Gunner, Betsy, Sarge


Oman and his new family:

(left to right) Gunner, Betsy, Sarge

First Family Picture:  Oman (left)  Holly (Right)

Puppies:  Gunner, Betsy, Sarge

Left to right:  Gunner, Betsy, Sarge
Left to right:  Gunner, Sarge, Betsy
Puppies getting their first taste of puppy food.


Left to right:  Betsy, Sarge, Gunner

Puppy Play Time (6 Weeks)

Puppy Fun Video

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To see pictures of each puppy, please click on the puppy's name.



We recommend giving your puppy Nu Vet Plus to support your puppy's developing immune system and to help ensure good health and proper development.
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